Increased Access to Healthy Foods

Maintaining a healthy diet is difficult for families who don’t have convenient access to affordable healthy foods.  In too many neighborhoods, families are surrounded by high calorie, low nutritional value options with minimal if any access to affordable healthy foods, including fresh fruits and vegetables. Leading national organizations have focused on communities’ essential front-line role and actions […]

Increased Access to Physical Activity

A lack of physical activity is one of the leading contributors to obesity and poor health.  In many neighborhoods, there are not sufficient, safe places for walking, bike riding or physical play.  Our community environments must change so that all families have access to safe places to be physically active.  Communities have a front-line role […]

Policy Options

Sometimes, it takes new public policies to significantly improve community environments. We must explore how transportation policies, education systems, the food and beverage industry, and other sectors of our economy affect the foods we eat and how much activity we get. Federal: Through agriculture, nutrition and other policies and programs, the federal government wields enormous […]

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